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7 Ways to Grow Your Hair

Our hair is always growing but our genetic makeup affects how fast our hair will grow. When you compare all the hair types, they are all different. The average rate of hair growth is ½ inch per month. So how do we get it to grow faster?

Here are 7 ways to grow your natural hair:

1 - Cleansing Your Scalp Regularly

This multi-purpose oil is filled with a blend of oils that will promote hair growth (castor and coconut), enhance moisture (Argan, olive and black seed), softens the hair (Soja and Argan oil) and enhancing the natural sheen of your tresses (Argan, black seed oil, and monoi). Each of these ingredients can penetrate your hair shaft or thinning area to provide it with the minerals that our hair needs. Not only will the minerals aid in promoting growth, as well as allowing you to have optimally healthy hair. 

2 - Avoiding Heat

The heat will break down the protective layer of every strand if used continuously. Thus, making it more susceptible to other forms of damage that will not allow your scalp to repair and revitalize ever so often.  

3 - Using Organic Products

Use products that are filled with natural ingredients. These would include oils, herbs, water, fatty acids, and alcohols. They will provide your hair strands with the moisture, shine, and strength that it needs to sustain.  

4 - Eating A Balanced Diet 

A balanced diet is rich in minerals and vitamins that will get into the bloodstream. Then, the blood can transport it to the necessary areas of your body, including your scalp. 

5 - Using The Oliva Multipurpose Hair Oil

If your scalp is not clean it is not able to function at its optimal function. Therefore, cleaned scalp aids in remove an accumulation of product build-up, dirt, debris, and excess oil/sebum that could be clogging our follicles.  

6 - Weekly Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is a must! The product is filled with fortifying minerals that can penetrate the hair strands and scalp to rejuvenate for the upcoming week ahead. It will keep your hair in a healthy state for it to function normally there producing hair growth.

7 - Massaging Your Scalp

Massage your scalp will aid in promoting blood circulation to your scalp. Once blood is flowing to your scalp continuously it can provide your scalp with the minerals from your diet and products that are needed for it to grow.


Our OLIVA Multipurpose Hair oil is a crowd favorite from of our customers. 
We love creating this herbal oil blend to help you to achieve your hair goals.

Alazha says “it has thickened the thin spots in her front line”, and she has experienced “softer and thicker hair just after 2 weeks of use”.
Shirley is on her second bottle and says it grows hair fast”.
Kellia who works in a beauty supply store says This 100% organic oil has no chemicals, preservatives or even refined oils.”

Purchase an Oliva Oil Blend today to let us help you on your natural hair “Growth” journey!


  • Hello Angela! Yes OLIVA hair oil works on permed hair. :)

    OLIVA Admin
  • Does this work on permed hair?

    Angela Roberson

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