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Black Seed Oil And It's Amazing Hair Benefits

 Black seed is a plant native to Southwest Asia. Just like the color of the seeds, the oil bears the same resemblance. Although it is great for the health of our hair, it’s used as a spice in the Middle Eastern culture for cooking.

Consuming it in your meals is said to offer a wide array of health benefits. Black seed oil is known by other names such as Black Cumin Seed Oil, Kalonji Oil, and Nigella Sativa Oil. Similarly, to how it is great for our bodies, it is great for our hair.

Read why we use black seed oil to create our hair oil!

 Here are 4 benefits of using black seed oil in your hair:

 1. Fights Scalp Infections – The scalp is the powerhouse of your hair. If your scalp is not in good condition, the rest of your hair is not. Black seed oil is said to boost the condition of your scalp. It is rich in antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. These will penetrate the scalp to fight off any free radicals, inflammation, and infections that are harboring or harming the health of your hair.

 2.  Grows Thinning Areas – If you suffer from thinning areas, black seed oil is your choice. It can regrow your thin edges, hairlines, and nape once it is used consistently and directly on the scalp. The minerals can penetrate the scalp to extend the growth and reduce the shedding cycle of your hair life cycle. Thus, allowing your hair to grow wildly and freely. It should be used every day to see great benefits.

 3. Thickens the Hair – The oil imparts nutrients into each hair strand. The minerals will penetrate the hair shaft and offer it with what it needs to strengthen. It will be able to thicken and strengthen the protective layer of the hair. Thus, it can withstand any form of damage coming it's way. 

 4. Hair Loss Remedy – There have been various studies that show that black seed oil has some effect on the hair loss process. It may stop, reduce or prevent temporary shedding, or thinning or your hair. 

Here are some other general benefits this seed/oil can do:

This is why OLIVA uses black seed oil in our hair oil blend. The variety of benefits for your scalp and hair are undeniable. These benefits will improve the overall health of your hair.  So, start Oliva today!

Alazha says it has thickened the thin spots in her front line”, and she has experienced “softer and thicker hair just after 2 weeks of use”.
Shirley is on her second bottle and says “it grows hair fast”.
Kellia who works in a beauty supply store says “This 100% organic oil has no chemicals, preservatives or even refined oils.

Purchase an Oliva Oil Blend today to let us help you on your natural hair journey!

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