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How To Include Hair Oil in Your Weekly Regimen

Great! So, you have some hair oil, if not we highly recommend you look into our Influencer-Approved hair oil, OLIVA Multipurpose Hair Oil. Now it’s time to transform the health of your hair. The next step is to incorporate the oil in your daily, weekly or monthly hair regimen. Multipurpose hair oils contain a vast range of organic oils that will moisture, strengthen, add shine and elongate your hair and of course, grow and thicken your hair in order to achieve your hair goals.


Before your wash days, you should be prepping your hair. 

And, the best way to is by using your oil in these two ways:

HOT Oil Treatments

For this treatment, you would apply hot (or warm) oil to the tresses of your hair. The heat will allow the cuticles to be open so that the oil can penetrate it. Once your scalp absorbs the oil, it can provide your dehydrated strands with the moisture that it needs.

PRE-shampoo Treatment

For this treatment, your hair will be coated in the oil from the root to the tip. Pre-shampoo is done to prevent harsh shampoos form stripping away all of the natural oils from your scalp. Hence, the shampoo will only remove what’s necessary and leaving the sebum. In addition, the oil can impart all of its benefits prior to wash days.


Our hair loves wash days because it gets a full day’s worth of treatment. We recommend adding oil to whichever treatment your hair gets that day.

ADD To Your Products

Whichever products that you plan to use on wash days, add a couple of drops of your oil or the Oliva Multipurpose oil to it. The oil will boost the effects of whatever product it is in because of the minerals that it’s riches in. So be prepared for double penetration of moisture, strength, growth and even shine to your tresses. You can add it to your favorite shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and even leave-in conditioner/moisturizer.


During the week, there isn’t much time to treat or style your hair depending on your schedule. However, you can always schedule a 5-minute scalp massage. Whether you do it in the morning, during lunch or even at nights!

SCALP Massages

For the scalp massage, you would the oils to the pads of your fingers or your scalp massaging tool. Then, massage your scalp using either tool. Each of the tools will aid n spreading the oil, specifically the minerals, to every inch of your scalp. Then, the circular motion will aid in boosting your blood circulation beneath the scalp. Thus, allowing more blood to flow to your scalp follicles to boost hair growth.

And, then we repeat 

Consistently using the oil within our hair regimen will have your hair at its optimum.
Your hair will be moisturized, shinier, stronger and healthier than you have ever seen it before.

Our OLIVA Multipurpose Hair oil is a crowd favorite from of our customers. 
We love creating this herbal oil blend to help you to achieve your hair goals.

Alazha says “it has thickened the thin spots in her front line”, and she has experienced “softer and thicker hair just after 2 weeks of use”.
Shirley is on her second bottle and says it grows hair fast”.
Kellia who works in a beauty supply store says This 100% organic oil has no chemicals, preservatives or even refined oils.”

Purchase an Oliva Oil Blend today to let us help you on your natural hair “Growth” journey!


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