THE BUNDLE GIANT 4oz Oliva Naturals
THE BUNDLE GIANT 4oz Oliva Naturals
THE BUNDLE GIANT 4oz Oliva Naturals


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Nourish your hair with OLIVA Hair Serum, an all-natural hair serum made from 100% certified organic ingredients!

  • Infused with black seeds (Queen Cleopatra’s secret beauty ingredient)
  • Perfect for all hair types and porosity levels
  • Repairs damaged hair and minimize hair breakage
  • Helps hair retain moisture

Our Bundle Giant includes TWO 4oz bottles that will leave you with shinier, healthier hair for longer! Enjoy the hair strengthening benefits of castor oil and argan oil, and moisturize your scalp with the help of black seeds, an ingredient used by Queen Cleopatra herself. To create OLIVA’s all-natural hair serum, we sourced only the best ingredients from around the world because we believe your hair only deserves the best! For rapid hair growth, order your bundle of OLIVA Hair Oil today!

OLIVA’s Hair Oil is Made Of:

  • Olive oil for deep conditioning
  • Coconut oil to seal in moisture
  • Alma oil to prevent hair breakage
  • And more!

Check out our Ingredients page for more information on the ingredients we use!



Customer Reviews

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Scalp feels refreshed. Definitely less dry! Looking forward to keep using it to see more results.

georgia horton

hair dresser

Jayne Alexander
Works as advertised

I purchased 2 of the smaller bottles to start. Needed to get hairline growth back after tight braids took a tool on the fragile hair area. I was amazed when after only 2 weeks of oil 2 times a day (morning & night) the hair has grown back and spot has filled in nicely. So delighted at the results I purchased 2 larger bottles one for me for hubby. He is using it on his beard. The beard was sparse to say the least. It has now grown out to the point that he looks like an ol' handsome man 😉.
I will continue using this product and share the results with children (5 adult children) & 14 grandchildren.
Worth the money!

All in one

Literally every important oil for haircare in one bottle. Amazing. No chemicals at all, that’s what I love about it.


Just ordered and look forward to giving this a try on both myself and my daughter hair.❤️