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Our Story

What is Oliva? (Oh Le VAA)

Or olive in latin, OLIVA Naturals is here to bring back natural remedies for hair care. Nowadays most products contain toxic ingredients like sulfates, silicone, petrolatum and the list goes on. The reason why these companies use these toxins is simply because it’s cheaper to make and saves them millions. This is why we created OLIVA Naturals. We strive to follow our ancestors roots to keep everything NATURAL. With our key ingredients + many other organic oils, black seeds, vitamins & protein (keratin). We are dedicated to maintain hair health with ingredients that are ALL natural. 


OLIVA Hair Oil has a combination of the worlds more leading hair ingredients that provide your hair and scalp with amazing benefits.

Here is the list of oils we use to create this AWESOME product!

Organic Olive oil, organic Castor oil, organic Coconut oil, organic Argan oil, organic Black seed oil, organic Babassu oil, organic Amla oil, organic Monoi oil, organic Soja oil & organic Marula oil!

Benefits of our oil >>

Vitamins we use;

Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin K
Vitamin D

Seeds we use;

Black seeds (Sativa Nigella)