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Soft and Smooth

Left it overnight and my hair is soooo soft and smooth. Highly recommend!!

Very good like the product

The bomb

I love how it makes my hair feel and not to heavy or greasy I so love it I recommend my family to it🙂

My favorite hair care product!

This hair oil is the perfect form of self care and love for your hair! After a few uses I instantly could tell a difference in the texture of my hair. It was less frizzy, softer, and visibly healthier! I have started applying to my daughters curly hair as well and have seen amazing results. Highly recommend!!!

I love the oil

I have been using it for just two weeks so Im not seeing any growth but it keeps my hair moist.

I have been using your oliva10 for a month and my hair is still fall out, but feel the new growth come in. So, I am not giving up hope yet. My hair is growing too, but not fuller yet. Thank you very much, and have a bless and safe weekend in JESUS.

Oliva 10 in 1 Healthy Hair Growth Oil (2oz)

Oliva 10 in 1 Healthy Hair Growth Oil (2oz)


no smell

Softens hair

It's really effective in moisturizing the hair shaft. Really penetrated through my husband and daughter's dry hair.

A little goes a long way

I bought 3 bottles and shared with my mother and daughter. I need to buy more.

Oliva 10 in 1 Healthy Hair Growth Oil (2oz Bundle)

Oliva 10

I love the product. My hair is a lot softer however can't tell if there is any new growth. I believe it will take more than 30 days for that. Amazing product.


I have not use you out yet I had order 15 bottles if oil and I am using one for a month to see exactly what has the product did for me. I will start using your oil in December2021 for the month and take notes on growth, breakage and more because I am running a test. That is why I can't tell you anything, you can check back with me January 2022 and then I will let you know how your product work for me

Oliva 10 in 1 Healthy Hair Growth Oil (2oz Bundle)

Olivia Hair oil

I love this oil! My hair is growing so long and healthy! Best purchase I ever made!

Oliva 10 in 1 Healthy Hair Growth Oil (2oz)

It is good too use on my hair.

How I like the growth oil

I love it. It's not too oily but just right.

Oliva 10 in 1 Healthy Hair Growth Oil (2oz)

How I like the growth oil

I love it!! Thanks

Great hair oil

I simply love this oil! I have been searching for years for a product that will not break me out and keep my hair moisturized!

I'm just loving it.

Great oil

Helps hair grow and feel soft. Works or all types of hair including Locs 👍🏾